I am my own testimonial. The Before-picture was taken by my dentist before putting on the braces which corrected my teeth but not my asymmetrical smile.

The After-picture shows symmetry achieved by regular facial exercises targeting the muscles around the mouth.


This picture was taken by  thermographic camera which shows the person's face before the exercise. The after picture highlights the increases in temperature after holding a pose for 10 seconds, performing 3 sets.

It took 1 month for Jo to achieve this incredible result. The eye bags are almost gone, dark circles less visible and the face line is much more defined. The inclination of her nose is less visible. Her face is toned, lifted and totally glowing !

Double chin has disappeared, skin on the neck appears firmer and smoother, lips are more defined.


Maria's transformation was not only about the facial exercises. She also changed her "bad" daily habits which were contributing to asymmetries on her face. The tip of her nose was inclined to the right which made one of the nostrils smaller, is now straight. Lines under her eyes and the nasolabial lines are smoother.