After leaving my beautiful Slovakia before hitting my twenties, I have travelled and lived in several countries, taking in the various colours of the world –before settling in Luxembourg.
Traveling is my passion, chocolate my guilty pleasure and my little girl is my everything.
I’ve been into sports ever since I can remember. Ballet, Gymnastics and Dancing were all part of my early life into my teenage years after which I took up Yoga, Pilates, Cross-fit and Weight training.
Approaching my thirties, I realized that as much as I trained my body, my face was missing a certain glow.

Always looking tired, regardless of the hours I slept, there was always someone who would comment how tired I looked.


A search for so-called “magic creams” led me to discover facial exercises.

With only a few weeks of practice, people around me started to see the changes. And so did I.

About Me

At first, I had no intention to share my face yoga’s secret with anybody, partly because I wanted to keep it my beauty secret.
A few years back with some dental issues, I was wearing a pair of braces. Although they did their job, they left me with asymmetrical smile. It was the facial exercises which came to the rescue and helped me to regain my aligned smile again.
This is when I became convinced that facial exercises were life changing. I decided to take my years of experience of facial exercises to the next level and became a certified Face Yoga Method teacher, trained by Fumiko Takatsu who comes from Japan and is the founder of the method.

Face Yoga Method is not just a facial exercise, it’s a whole new approach towards your face and your inner self.
By targeting the right muscles which are attached to the skin, you can naturally get rid of wrinkles and brighten the complexion.
Being a certified teacher with years of experience - and of course, having had the scary experience with the braces - I am more than willing to show you all the secrets of Face Yoga.

I believe in the quote by Ghandi – “If you want to change the world, be the change”… I changed my smile and I can help you to change yours….
So, if you wish to obtain younger, firmer, radiant glowing skin or correct any asymmetries, the Face Yoga is for you.


Come on along, I’m waiting to see your beautiful face.