Face yoga works on the same principles as regular yoga but from the neck up.

This unique technique is a combination of face exercises which lift and tone the skin, combination of massage, acupressure and relaxation.

There are over 40 tiny muscles in the face.  

Most of these muscles are used in a repetitive way which forms wrinkles. 

Some of them are not used at all which results in saggy skin. 

Face yoga makes you aware of these "bad" movements and teaches you to use your facial muscles properly without forming new unwanted lines. 

It is focused on relaxing and toning the face. 

It works areas of muscle tension and is intended to counteract the effects of strained facial expressions to leave both the muscles and skin relaxed and rejuvenated. 


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The best way to achieve firm and fresh-looking skin is to work out those facial muscles on a regular basis.

Facial and neck muscles can be exercised just like any other muscle. Often in body workouts, weights are used to add strength and resistance, which accelerates the building of muscle mass.  In facial exercise the fingers replace weights, adding pressure and resistance to muscle contraction.

The skin itself is incapable of contracting muscles. In fact, it’s the muscles underneath that pull the skin tissue with each contraction.

Facial muscles are attached not only to the skin but also to each other, which is why contracting one muscle induces the contraction of other, attached muscles. 

The theory is that the skin is tightened as the facial muscles are toned through specific movements.


For anyone that wants to achieve healthier, more youthful look and regain that lost glow. For those scared of invasive medical procedures and risks associated with them. 

Face yoga will give you the perkiness you might associate with cosmetic procedures, but it won’t stop you looking like you.

Ultimately it is the answer to double chin, saggy cheeks, droopy eyelids and other asymmetries on the face and neck.


We exercise our bodies to keep them toned and fit. What if your face could get a workout too?

The only part of the body we don’t cover yet we don’t pay much attention to it. 

Our whole life is written on our face.

The daily habits, emotions, traumas, lifestyle, diet and gravity are all responsible for the way our face looks. 

Our face is also an indicator of our overall health.

Once the facial and neck muscles sag, they make us look tired, drained and old.

The older we get the more our skin's quality diminishes.

The skin quality isn't the main reason for a face looking old and worn out.

This is primarily due to flabby facial muscles attached to the skin.